Modification of order, deviation, change, adjustment, and reviewing.

A) World oil gas corporation Ltd. Does not accept modification and cancellation of online booking neither anyc hanges in the order.
B) In case of reviewing of order, change and modification including adjustment may be done through by sending E-mail on customer care E-mail [email protected] and on contact number +91-79-40393122
C) The order of the modification is with respect of full payment made against modified order.
D) Before reviewing and adjusting the purchase please go back to the confirmation email and follow instruction therein. There is charge for cancellation depending on the price difference.
Cancellation And Refund Policy
A) World Oil Gas Corporation Ltd has reservation for cancellation of the order and also has reservation for delay in delivery due to insufficient stock, Public holiday and Natural Calamity including social and political unrest.
B) In case of any non-payment due to online deficiency the same is at the risk of the person doing online payment. Prepaid amount is not refundable.
C) In case of cancellation of the product/service the amount received by World Oil Gas Corporation Ltd will be adjusted against the next transaction only from the date of the cancellation of order. This facility is valid for one month only.
D) Once order placed for the purchase of our product/service shall not be cancelled by the customer for the refund purpose. Money will not be transferred to the buyers Debit/Credit card.
E) World Oil Gas Corporation Ltd will not be liable to customeror any other person for loss and damage, cost or expenses. The damage arising from the information received through the usage of the site the company shall not be liable.
F)In case of cancellation by World Oil Gas Corporation Ltd. 100% refund will be paid to the customer.
A) Subject to the terms and condition by the above terms and with the provision of law and in conformity with the prevailing law we shall not be liable for any direct damages suffered/caused due to attributed short coming of our obligation in respect of our services.
B)In conformity with law neither person of the company, office bearer, employee, subsidiary and affiliated companies, dealers and agents and other persons involved in creating, promoting and making available the site and the contents thereof shall be liable-
- For any damage or loss of any kind.
- For any inaccuracy connected with description, information of product/service made available on website.
- The services rendered and product offered.
- Any kind of damage and loss or cost suffered incurred by you in connection with use of website including any cancelation, over booking or any other event beyond the control of the company.

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